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Learn some Afrikaans words and phrases. Afrikaans is spoken in South Africa and Namibia. It's easy to learn!
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1 - Basic Phrases 2- Questions
3 - I care
4 - Days
5 - Big & small animals
6 - Woo that girl
7 - Hiding Lion
8 - Having a BBQ
9 - Cute Baby
12- The Rabbit Hunter
13- Numbers and Counting
14 - The best Sheep
15 - Christmas
16 - Compliment a man
17 - Yawn etiquette
18 - African Safari
19 - Because
20 - Famliy

   >>>>> LESSON 1-20 CONTENTS <<<<<<
real Native Afrikaner facebook updates translated from Afrikaans to English Other :       |   Basic Vocabulary   |   Stutterer's prayer   |   Cartoon 
| Photo Sentences  |  SMS  |   Links  

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Nice pdf & mp3's available for lessons 1-10!

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Afrikaans videos with subtitles
Local Afrikaans TV show with English subtitles
Sentence of the day:   
“My seun het vir my ‘n leuen vertel. Hy het vir my gesÍ dat hy sy toets deur is, maar hy het gedruip.
Ek is baie teleurgesteld in hom, nie omdat hy nie sy toets deur is nie, maar omdat hy vir my ‘n leuen vertel het.”

 >>>> MP3 <<<<
My son told me a lie. He told me that he passed his test, but he failed.
I am very disappointed in him, not because he didn't pass his test, but because he lied to me.

Afrikaans Songs

Love makes you spin around!
Afrikaans lovesong with Lyrics translated into English
Video and lyrics with English translation
And then the heartbreak
Video and lyrics with English translation

Afrikaans Cartoon

Afrikaans Cartoon

Photo Sentences

afrikaans photo sentences

Text SMS Afrikaans

SMS - TEXT - Language      |      Short Afrikaans sentences.

Here are some short sms conversations covering various topics

Planning for the weekend.  | Good luck with your exams. | Family time importance.

Camping arrangements.Returning home after a holiday.   

Basic Afrikaans Vocabulary

Start learning Afrikaans by building your vocabulary with
800+ absolute essential words and short "need to know" phrases.
Time Words
Question words
Days Months
Family & People
Food & Drinks

Body Parts
Abstract Nouns
Useful Phrases Words

Hakkelgebedpraystutterer's prayer

Gebed van ‘n hakkelaar op die oorwiningspad
Prayer of a stutterer on the road to victory

Other websites for learning Afrikaans

Afrikaans - English Dictionary 
 afrafrikaans dictionaryeng

Jane is determined to master Afrikaans, follow her great blog The Afrikaans Challenge

Open Languages : Great website for serious Afrikaans learners

Omniglot : The online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages

Marinda Botha : Listen to this amazing Afrikaans voice artist
afrikaans voice artist
Betathanpaper : Beautifully illustrated Afrikaans and English audio books

Mamabella : Afrikaans children songs beautifully sung with translations and flashcards for less than 1US$
afrikaans-children songs-english-translation

Digital Dialects: Learn Afrikaans by playing games
afrikaans games

Language Learning Advisor: Need some advise on learning languages? Go here!!
language learning advice

Afrikaans originated from Dutch
, it's very similar.
learn dutch

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