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Lesson 20:


Talk about your family members  in Afrikaans

afrikaans twins

 My man
my husband
My vrou
my wife
My kinders
mu children

will graag
would like
Ek wil jou graag voorstel aan my vrou
I would like to introduce you to my wife
Ek wil graag my man aan jou voorstel
 I would like to introduce my husband to you.

Aangename kennis!
Please to meet you!
Het julle enige kinders?
Do you have any children?
Ons het drie kinders
We have three children
twee seuns en a dogter
two sons and a daughter

Hoe oud is hulle?
How old are they?
My seuns is 'n tweeling
My sons are twins
hulle is 4 jaar oud.
they are 7 years old.
My dogter is 7 jaar oud.
My daugter is 7 years old.

Waar woon jou ouers?
Where do your parents live?
My ouers woon in Johannesburg.
My parents live in Johannesburg.

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